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press release

Small wonders
15 November - 09 December 2007
Open Tuesday to Sunday 11am - 6 pm
11 Princelet Street
London E1 6QH

Miranda Argyle, Neil Gall, Jock McFadyen, Humphrey Ocean, Simon Read, Bob and Roberta Smith, Jessica Voorsanger and Richard Wilson

These artists may seem a disparate gaggle but all the work here is rooted in location.

Simon Read defected to Suffolk and water many years ago; his photoworks map the shifting coast from the vantage point of the Jacoba, his floating studio. Humphrey Ocean, renowned for portraits, is the laureate of south London suburbia; all things come to SE22, even IRA-bombed City banks were clearly visible through Ocean's telescope. Richard Wilson's interventions are known internationally; his Slice of Reality is not only located in the Thames but is ironically screwed to the floor of the river. Jock McFadyen's bleak cityscapes chart contemporary London. Miranda Argyle’s beating heart pictures made during her daughter’s gap year not only dwell on relocation and the unfamiliar but employ the medium of nervous contemplation and homage. Bob and Roberta Smith’s works are famous to all; art people and tube travellers alike know that ‘East is the new West’. Jessica Voorsanger is celebrated for her work on celebrity and is co director of the Leytonstone Centre for Contemporary Art. Neil Gall’s arrangements of detritus tell us that the location is here and now and on a table in front of the artist and that there are no accidents. Everything is meant.

All works in the show are of a domestic scale.